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Allison's Toffee is here to help your business sell our toffee.  To be blunt, we don't make any money unless you are successful selling our candy.  We have programs for coffee houses, wedding planners, caterer's and many more.  In our experience, if people sample our Almond Butter Toffee, they buy it.    

For Example.  A coffee house.  Our candy is sold from a display.  However, every customer is offered a sample when they purchase any item.  We pay for the samples, and you will see your customers fall in love with our toffee, they will come back over and over to get more.  

I have sampled my Almond Butter Toffee at events all over America.  Whether is at the Philadelphia Flower Show, The Junior League Christmas Show in El Paso or Cowboy Christmas at Las Vegas Convention Center, thousands have sampled and then bought our Almond Butter Toffee.  


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